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Iindustrial parks
Presented: Severstal-metiz, JSC
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Technoparks
Region: Russian Federation, Oryol Region, Volgograd Region , Vologda Region
Investment amount: 25000000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRS000298

Entomo Terapie "Insect Farm"
Presented: Ciuhrii Mircea, Ciuhrii Veaceslav
Sector: Medicine, Biotechnologies, Farmaceutics
Region: Abroad, Romania
Projects ID: PRS000345

Maritime Shipping & Chartering Company "FLAGMAN"
Presented: FLAGMAN
Sector: Shipbuilding, Large-capacity vessels
Region: Russian Federation, Rostov Region
Projects ID: PRS000315

Investment memorandum of the Pskov region

ID:PRS000373 // Update: 2011-02-18 // Hits: 11415

Pskov Region, Russian Federation
Development, Innovation technologies
Project rating:
 6 points (7018 votes)
Project description
Competitive preferences of Pskov region
- located in the influence zone of two major economic centers of Russia - Moscow and Sankt Petersburg, the distance to Pskov figures up 742 km and 280 km correspondingly,
- possesses the efficiency indicators of transport accessibility in regard to Russian and Baltic ports. The distance from Pskov to Ust-Luga is 150 km, to Riga - 260 km, to Tallinn - 336 km, to Ventspils - 470 km, Liepaja - 513 km, Klaipeda - 680 km;
- holds the expanded network of federal and regional highways: the territory of the region routes federal and international roads М-20: S.-Petersburg - Кiev - Odessa and М-9: «Baltia» Moscow - Riga, and also highways Moscow - Riga, Moscow - Tallinn, S.-Petersburg - Kiev, S.Petersburg - Pskov - Riga, Bologoye - Velikiye Luki - Polotsk;
- possesses the developed railway communications: the main railway roads crossing the territory of the region are: Moscow - Riga, Sankt-Petersburg - Odessa, Sankt-Petersburg - Vilnius - Kaliningrad, Sankt-Petersburg-Riga, Sankt-Petersburg - Lvov;
- the regional center owns the flight connection: the international airport works for medium-range passenger and cargo aircrafts. The regular flights Pskov-Moscow and Pskov-Riga are available;
- possesses the developed infrastructure for external economic activity:
• the territory of the region holds 21 customs terminals,
• 2 customs serves for clearance of the goods through border: Pskovskaya and Sebezskaya,
• In 2010 in the frame of "Concept of customs clearance and customs control of imported goods in close to the state borders locations" the customs station "Ovinki" (International Automobile Border-crossing Point Burachki) had been opened - the first terminal in Northwestern District built up on the basis of transport-logistics terminal (warehouse of temporarily storage "RUS-SERVICE Terminal"). 
In 2010-2011 the similar projects will be carried out on the International Automobile Border-crossing Point Shumilkino, the International Automobile Border-crossing Point Kunichina Gora, the International Automobile Border-crossing Point Ubylinka.

The foreign investments to the economy of the region equals to 23 228,9 th. dollars USA. In the structure of foreign investments 82,6% depends to agriculture, hunting and forestry.

The external turnover of Pskov region in 2009 - 703 mln. dollars USA including
- export - 60,8 mln. dollars USA,
- import - 642,2 mln. dollars USA.

The basic business partners of the region are Germany, Latvia, China, from CIS countries - Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The export to Belarus Republic in 2009 reached 124 mln. dollars USA.

The number of economic active population in the region reaches 363,6 th. people.

State suppirt of the investment projects
On all stages of the investment projects on the territory of Pskov region the potential investor would be supervised by the executive authority of the region, the local authority of self-government providing the
information required for the solutions, organizing the meetings, supplying the necessary legal procedures, approving the project with the strategy of the development.

The State Guaranties
Investors implementing investment projects, approved by the Administration of the region, by borrowing, can be provided guarantees by the regional budget for the execution of these projects on a competitive basis provided that investments of their own money to the project at the start of its funding will be not less than 30 percent of investment costs provided for by the business plan of the investment project.
State guarantees are granted to investors within the means provided annually for these purposes by the law of the regional budget for the next fiscal year.
Granting guarantees the Regional Administration is obliged to assess the financial condition of the investor and has the right to require insurance of the investments on his part.

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