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Investment and Construction Company "Arsenal-Holding"
Sector: Development, Residential development, Low-storeyed development, Multi-storeyed development
Region: Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory, Moscow Region, Perm Region
Investment amount: 10000000 Еuro
Projects ID: INV000275

Capital2B (Project financing LTD)
Sector: Industry, Wood-working, Light industry, Food industry
Region: CIS, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Kyrgizstan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Ukraine
Investment amount: 500000000 USD
Projects ID: INV000360

Empire Financial Limited
Sector: Banking, Banking
Region: Abroad, Great Britain
Investment amount: 10000000 Еuro
Projects ID: INV000311


ID:INV000353 // Update: 2010-10-20 // Hits: 14074

Locations of interest:
Republic of Armenia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, CIS
Investment sectors:
Development, Oil and gas
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About the company
Triton Capital Alliance Inc. (TCA), a Canadian company, was established to offer innovative funding solutions to clients seeking commercial finance, equity participation or a combination of both.

TCA has entered into various loan and investment arrangements with a consortium of institutions and private investors, who have made available substantial capital for TCA to put to work in the market place.

We offer straight debt and venture capital solutions for our clients. We also structure complex financial structures for projects that seem like they are not fundable.

Our team has a combined experience of close to 100 years in project development and finance. The experience and contacts garnered over this time ensures that your project stands the best chance of getting funded.

Members of our management team have occupied many senior positions with public and private companies such as CEO of a PLC, CFO of a leading hotel group and VP of a large Commercial Real Estate Syndication etc. They have also advised governments, banks, humanitarian organizations and PLC's on finance issues.

Our relationships with our funders have been developed over a long time and we will only present projects to them where we have visited the project and clients, and have prepared an extensive due diligence report on it for presentation to our funders.

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