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Iindustrial parks
Presented: Severstal-metiz, JSC
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Technoparks
Region: Russian Federation, Oryol Region, Volgograd Region , Vologda Region
Investment amount: 25000000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRS000298

Entomo Terapie "Insect Farm"
Presented: Ciuhrii Mircea, Ciuhrii Veaceslav
Sector: Medicine, Biotechnologies, Farmaceutics
Region: Abroad, Romania
Projects ID: PRS000345

Maritime Shipping & Chartering Company "FLAGMAN"
Presented: FLAGMAN
Sector: Shipbuilding, Large-capacity vessels
Region: Russian Federation, Rostov Region
Projects ID: PRS000315

LLC "AVVI". High-precision reductors

ID:PRS000330 // Update: 2011-03-16 // Hits: 11697

Mariy-El Autonomous Republic, Russian Federation
Mechanical engineering, Industry, Innovation technologies
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Project description
The company «AVVI» since 1991 been active in the sphere of high technologies and specializes in such industries as manufacturing gearboxes for various enterprises and individuals, as well as the manufacture of electric different configurations. Our precision gearboxes are suitable for emerging industries, and for private use: our gearboxes are compact and easy to use. Also, our design department made gear reduction or cycloidal gear for you, as well as other gear boxes and transmissions for our customers. 

A modernization of the model number of cycloidal gearbox: we make planetary gearboxes on the latest developments. It is important to monitor the safety and quality of the equipment: when it is time to improve the engine, gearbox (moderate prices) or electromechanical drive, you can order from us, in person or via the Internet. On the conditions under which sells gearbox (or the sale of PCR - cycloidal gearbox ), you can learn more at our site.

The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of gearboxes and electric-based planetary gears and tsevochnyh ordered enterprises and design bureaus.

A positive number, which produces gearboxes tsevochnye high dynamic strength, durability and accuracy.

Gearboxes and electric drives used to construct various automated systems.

Considerable experience design team and the flexibility to provide a fast and qualitatively to solve the challenges in fulfilling contracts.

Most of the products protected by patents and utility model certificates.

The main products are:
- the nuclear industry;
- of the printing industry;
- of the Russian Agency for Munitions;
- scientific - research institutions;
- private enterprises.

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