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Iindustrial parks
Presented: Severstal-metiz, JSC
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Technoparks
Region: Russian Federation, Oryol Region, Volgograd Region , Vologda Region
Investment amount: 25000000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRS000298

Entomo Terapie "Insect Farm"
Presented: Ciuhrii Mircea, Ciuhrii Veaceslav
Sector: Medicine, Biotechnologies, Farmaceutics
Region: Abroad, Romania
Projects ID: PRS000345

Maritime Shipping & Chartering Company "FLAGMAN"
Presented: FLAGMAN
Sector: Shipbuilding, Large-capacity vessels
Region: Russian Federation, Rostov Region
Projects ID: PRS000315

"Avante" – alternative energy sources

ID:PRS000327 // Update: 2010-09-14 // Hits: 12101

Moscow City, Ukraine, Germany, China, Poland, USA, Russian Federation, CIS, Abroad
Energy and power engineering
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Project description
The Windmill VEU-08 is intended for providing of small objects electric power. Utilized both in places, where network energy (tourist camps, farmer economies, summer residence areas, feeds of autonomous complexes) absents and in quality the reserve source of electric power for private houses, cottages. On VEU-08 aeromechanics is utilized system of stabilizing of frequency of rotation of wind turbine, which allows exploiting it in the wide range of speeds of wind. A slow generator over on permanent magnets is straight brought a turbine. 

Absence of cartoonist and systems of excitation of generator provides the high resource of windmill. During work together with IBP-1.5/3S-VG/FM the feed of loading power is provided to 1500W by the stabilized sinusoid tension of 220В/50 Hz, and also possibility of connecting to the system of the sun photo-electric modules.

Wind turbine: It's a three-bladed high-speed wind turbine with the aeromechanical pitch regulation system. The wind turbine orients itself downwind. The wind turbine has a blade feathering system and can be stopped from earth.

Generator: multipolar synchronous generator with energization from permanent magnets is driven by wind turbine directly without transmission. The absence of transmission and sliding contacts enhances reliability and life time of the windmill.

Tower is a three-edged lattice tower made of steel pipes. It is installed on the previously prepared concrete foundation without using a lifting equipment and welding. In transportation state the tower is taken to pieces 3.1 meters maximum length.

Control and Converting Unit performs the following functions:
- accumulation of energy in the storage battery
- control for the storage battery state and the working mode maintenance
- converting of the accumulated energy
- digital indication of current parameters
- automatic commutation of appliances to electrical network or to the inverter
- storage battery charging from electrical network

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