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Iindustrial parks
Presented: Severstal-metiz, JSC
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Technoparks
Region: Russian Federation, Oryol Region, Volgograd Region , Vologda Region
Investment amount: 25000000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRS000298

Entomo Terapie "Insect Farm"
Presented: Ciuhrii Mircea, Ciuhrii Veaceslav
Sector: Medicine, Biotechnologies, Farmaceutics
Region: Abroad, Romania
Projects ID: PRS000345

Maritime Shipping & Chartering Company "FLAGMAN"
Presented: FLAGMAN
Sector: Shipbuilding, Large-capacity vessels
Region: Russian Federation, Rostov Region
Projects ID: PRS000315

Kherson suction dredgers factory

ID:PRS000325 // Update: 2010-12-23 // Hits: 11936

Ukraine, CIS
Natural resources
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Project description
Kherson suction dredgers factory "VVV-Spetstekhnika" (russian - "ВВВ Спецтехника") specializes in building of suction dredgers of NSS* brand under the projects agreed with the Shipping Register of Ukraine, re-equipment and modernization of suction dredgers of any brand. 

Besides the enterprise has a Certificate of compliance with the standards of the Shipping Register of Ukraine related to the realization of building, re-equipment, modernization and repair of the ships, hull structures, ship equipment.
For the purpose of protection of copyrights for produced products the enterprise registers the results of its own intellectual creativity at the State Register of Patents of Ukraine for profitable models.

Besides we offer optional equipment for suction dredgers:
- Cutterheads (loading, gear, crown-shaped, curvilinear, plough, open, rotating) may be produced for the indicated brands of suction dredgers for development of the soils of different categories according to the Customer's request.
- Complete set of tools;
- Forced cooling of engine department (for diesel suction dredges);
- Registration documents in the name of the Customer.
- Conditioner at the control cabin;
- Electrical or mechanical crane-manipulator (movement along the engine department) with the carrying capacity from 2 to 5 tons.
- Video camera for engine department vision;
- Hydraulic ripper with the capacity from 20 to 50 atmospheres.
- Slurry pipeline with diameter from 150 to 400 mm.
- Insertion to the arrow with the length of 3 m.
- Suction dredger of the brand NSS 1600\25-3 and NSS 2000\63 may also be equipped with the living space (bedroom for 3 seats, shower, kitchen, and compositing toilet).
- Suction dredgers NSS 1600\25 may also be equipped with piled passage (maximum length of 8 m)
- Additional tanks for diesel fuel (from 1000 to 9000 l)
- Production of electrical suction dredges of different capacity
- Floating diesel and power station for electrical suction dredges.

We will be glad to have a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with you!


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