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Investment and Construction Company "Arsenal-Holding"
Sector: Development, Residential development, Low-storeyed development, Multi-storeyed development
Region: Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory, Moscow Region, Perm Region
Investment amount: 10000000 Еuro
Projects ID: INV000275

Capital2B (Project financing LTD)
Sector: Industry, Wood-working, Light industry, Food industry
Region: CIS, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Kyrgizstan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Ukraine
Investment amount: 500000000 USD
Projects ID: INV000360

Empire Financial Limited
Sector: Banking, Banking
Region: Abroad, Great Britain
Investment amount: 10000000 Еuro
Projects ID: INV000311

Investment and Construction Company "Arsenal-Holding"

ID:INV000275 // Update: 2012-01-23 // Hits: 13930

Locations of interest:
Krasnodar Territory, Moscow Region, Perm Region, Russian Federation
Investment sectors:
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Investment amount:
10 000 000 Еuro

Investment climate

  1. Internal rate of return (IRR) - 40 % per annum
About the company
Arsenal-Holding is a team of professional developers who have been successfully investing in affordable housing, the share-holders' speciality, for eight years.


The company is registered in


Spheres of activity

Full-format development and asset management

Completed projects

Since 2001 we have completed more than 20 projects with an overall area of more than 1.5 million sq.m., including:

- the construction of the "Aprelevsky" residential complex in the city of Aprelevka, Moscow Region
- the construction of residential buildings on ulitsa Sverdlova in the city of Podolsk, Moscow Region.
- the construction of the "Yablonevy Posad" residential complex in Yaroslavl.
- the construction of the "Voskresensky" shopping centre on Vokzalnaya Ploschad' in Sergiev Posad.
- the construction of the "Vostochniy" residential neighbourhood on ulitsa Polevaya in Zvenigorod.
- the construction of a residential building complex on ulitsa Mekhanoshina in Perm.

Company turnover for the past year

€150 million

Further information

The main area of activity and ideology of the company are full-format development and asset management.

Initially full-format development addresses the question of site development and not the acquisition of a specific market segment. Site development means a rounded acquisition, which, apart from lowering risk, allows for maximum market and socio-cultural results for the developer as well as his partners.

Partnership in development means the creation, by an anchor developer, of a partner coalition with its own distribution of competencies. For Arsenal-Holding one of those key competencies is organisation and management. All other competencies can be outsourced.

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