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"Avante" – alternative energy sources
Presented: Avante
Sector: Energy and power engineering
Region: Russian Federation, CIS, Abroad, Moscow City, Ukraine, Germany, USA, China, Poland
Projects ID: PRS000327
Other offers
United Investment and Consulting Group "Business and Innovations" (B&I Inc.)
Presented: B&I Inc.
Sector: Development, Rural economy, Innovation technologies, Services and retail
Region: Russian Federation, CIS, Abroad, Krasnodar Territory, Leningrad Region, Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg, Ukraine, USA, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Murmansk Region, Great Britain
Investment amount: 500000000 USD
Projects ID: PRS000355
maker of sea water
Presented: Dmitrij
Sector: Development
Region: Abroad, Israel, USA, Egypt, India
Investment amount: 500000 USD
Projects ID: PRS000406
Universal transport devices for all-weather year-round exploitation
Presented: Nesterov Ilya
Sector: Medicine, Sport, Transport
Region: Russian Federation, Abroad, Bulgaria, Chelyabinsk Region, Germany, USA, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Canada, Mongolia
Investment amount: 10000000 USD
Projects ID: PRS000377
Microbrewery, minibrewery + technology and recipes
Sector: Industry
Region: Abroad, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, USA, Egypt, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain
Projects ID: PRS000396
Presented: BESTBED, SA
Sector: Development, Industry
Region: Russian Federation, CIS, Abroad, Moscow City, Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg, Ukraine, USA, Egypt, Spain, Novosibirsk Region, France, India
Projects ID: PRS000399