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Победитель рейтинга за сутки! Investment memorandum of the Pskov region
Sector: Development, Innovation technologies
Region: Russian Federation, Pskov Region
Projects ID: PRS000373
Iindustrial parks
Presented: Severstal-metiz, JSC
Sector: Development
Region: Russian Federation, Oryol Region, Volgograd Region , Vologda Region
Investment amount:
25 000 000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRS000298
Entomo Terapie "Insect Farm"
Presented: Ciuhrii Mircea, Ciuhrii Veaceslav
Sector: Medicine
Region: Abroad, Romania
Projects ID: PRS000345
"Avante" – alternative energy sources
Presented: Avante
Sector: Energy and power engineering
Region: Russian Federation, CIS, Abroad, Moscow City, Ukraine, Germany, USA, China, Poland
Projects ID: PRS000327
Zaffaroni - Panel Processing Machines & Plants
Sector: Mechanical engineering, Industry
Region: Russian Federation, Abroad, Moscow City, Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg, Italy
Investment amount:
2 000 000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRS000361
Kravitz Invest Consulting
Presented: Kravitz Invest Consulting
Sector: Development, Telecommunications
Region: Abroad, Israel
Projects ID: PRS000323
LLC "AVVI". High-precision reductors
Presented: LLC "AVVI"
Sector: Mechanical engineering, Industry, Innovation technologies
Region: Russian Federation, Mariy-El Autonomous Republic
Projects ID: PRS000330
Maritime Shipping & Chartering Company "FLAGMAN"
Presented: FLAGMAN
Sector: Shipbuilding
Region: Russian Federation, Rostov Region
Projects ID: PRS000315
Kherson suction dredgers factory
Presented: VVV-Spetstekhnika
Sector: Natural resources
Region: CIS, Ukraine
Projects ID: PRS000325